Cinnamon can Help you Lose Weight (Plus Free Kindle Book!)

April 28, 2014 | By More


In this short post I want to share one of the easy weight loss tips in my new book. Here it goes:

Tip # 73 – Add cinnamon to your diet

Book-Banner-1“I love cinnamon; it is delicious and so versatile. It is rich in iron, manganese and calcium. It also has a regulatory effect on blood sugar levels which helps to balance insulin levels.  An article published in the US National Library of Medicine refers to several studies which conclude that cinnamon intake significantly lowers fasting blood glucose.

The beauty of cinnamon is that it is so easy to incorporate into so many daily foods including yoghurts, muesli, desserts and healthy juice drinks. I add half a teaspoon to my daily juice of greens and fruit. Half to one teaspoon daily is all you need.”

Balancing insulin levels and reducing insulin spikes can have a positive effect on weight loss by reducing the amount of fat stored in our bodies and controlling sudden cravings and binge eating caused by a low glucose level in the blood.


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