Growing Wheatgrass From Seeds – Planting to Day 3

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Days 1 – 3

This is a short post, as I’m absolutely flat out at work, but I’m so excited about my new project. As part of my weight control plan I have been adding a couple of teaspoons of dried greens powder to my daily fruit and vegetable juice and decided recently that it would be fun to try growing wheatgrass from wheatgrass seeds. Below are some pics of my progress so far:

Growing Wheatgrass From Seeds –  soaking wheat step 1The first step is to soak the seeds. The instructions that came with my grower said to soak for 8 hours but I have read elsewhere that 10 -12 is better. I’ll stick with the instructions for the first batch.

 Next comes draining them thoroughly and putting them on the growing tray. All instructions say to try to spread them only one layer deep which is actually harder than it looks. Then they need to be covered with the black plastic germinating cover. It is important to water them twice a day with a little hand sprayer.

Growing Wheatgrass From Seeds – cat-grass-seeds 200px

Spreading The Seeds One Layer Deep

Growing Wheatgrass From Seeds –  wheat-grass-seeds Day 1

Day 1

Here we are at one day. It was very exciting to see that they had sprouted overnight. Apparently the first three days are critical. If they don’t get enough water they will die and if they get too much they will get mold, which is apparently a real problem with sprouting wheatgrass seeds. So carefully I do my spraying twice during the day.

Growing Wheatgrass From Seeds-sprouted-wheat-day-1

Day 2

Now we’re at day 2 and it’s amazing how quickly it is that they grow. They look great but I saw a couple of little white furry bits so freaked out about mold. Back to the instructions and a bit of Internet research to find out what to do. All reports say that the white furry mold is not toxic and that you can wash it off but no way I’m going to eat moldy wheat grass. Some reports say you can spray it with a bleach solution but that doesn’t appeal either. The instructions say that it is critical to control any mold before day 4 and that the best way is to leave the black plastic top off for part of the time.

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Sprouting Grain

Day 3

Day three and I’m getting really excited now. It looks like there is no mold and there are little, faintly green tips. I’m continuing to check and spray them twice a day and I’m leaving the cover off half of the time. Today it’s time to remove the black germinating cover and replace it with the clear greenhouse cover.


I’ll take more photos as they grow and keep you posted on my progress. I can’t wait till tomorrow, only two more days in the critical phase, after that is should be plain sailing. At least that’s what they said in the instructions. I purchased mine direct from the company and, while I was happy with the actual grower I wasn’t happy with the after sales service. I misplaced the little instruction manual and it took me three emails to get a reply and they charged me $3.50 for a digital PDF that costs them nothing. I’m not a cheapskate but when I have just spent $115 on a product I think the least they could do is give me a spare set of instructions for free.

I have since found that Amazon has a huge range of everything imaginable to do with wheatgrass and sprouting, and their prices are good too.

They have soil-less and  soil growers, organic seeds, soil, sprouters, juicers, the lot! The one I used is this model: Tribest SM-350 Sproutman Wheatgrass Grower and you can get it on Amazon.

 See how my wheatgrass seeds look from day 4 to harvest here: See what happened with my beloved greens!

And do please leave comments about your growing experiences. It’s great for others to read them. 




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  1. veronica murillo says:

    where did you get that tray from? you didnt use any soil on this one?

    • Lyn says:

      I got mine from Amazon, there is a link at the bottom of the post to it. It is the Sproutman one.

  2. Diana says:

    Hello, I’ve been trying to grow wheatgrass for three years but have never achieved consistently good results (sometimes good, sometimes very bad – dry winter in apartment is best time when heaters are on).

    What are you growing your wheatgrass in? That looks like an interesting soil-less system which would be really amazing for me as took a 40% pay cut 3 years ago and wages are still low with no relief in sight. If I could grow soil-less successfully (haven’t yet been successful), that would be a lifesaver … literally!!!

    Please advise.

    I think I could rig up my own system but I’d like to look at the overall growing system you have to try to duplicate it.

    Thanks so very, very much! Anticipating your response.



    • Lyn says:

      So sorry for the delay replying Diana. I missed your comment. If you are still interested in information here it is. I used the Sproutman kit that could be used with or without soil though there are many others available, some a fair bit less expensive. Although using it without soil was easier and less expensive I got a much better yield when I used soil. I wrote the details of the differences between the two in this post. There is a link halfway down the page where you can check out a whole range of different ones.



  3. Diana says:

    Thank you for the information! Much appreciated.

  4. Samantha Jefferson says:

    Wow, this is very detailed and personal. Thanks for sharing it!
    I have been wanting to grow wheatgrass for quite some time now, and had forgot about it, but after seeing your pics, I just realized that it must be really fun =)
    Thanks Lyn.

    • Lyn says:

      It is lots of fun Samantha but you do need to be committed to maintaining it. Unless it is watered and rinsed regularly it can die or get mold. If you follow my hints you should do fine.

  5. Rhonda Knowles says:

    What do you use to process your wheatgrass? A regular juicer? or do you need something specific?

    • Lyn says:

      You need to use a special juicer Rhonda as wheatgrass is very tough and also blending destroys the nutrients. They go from very inexpensive hand models (which I use) to several hundred dollars for electric ones. I have updated the post with a link at the bottom to the Amazon search results so you can do some comparisons and compare customer reviews.