35 Healthy No Carb Snacks you can Make at Home Today!

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Recently there has been a lot of interest in low carb foods, and I have heard quite a few questions related to No Carb Snacks. So, I decided to gather a few ideas of healthy recipes that can get you started on the path of low carb stardom.

Thumbnail for No carb snacks articleAlthough most foods have a small amount of carbs in them, it is possible to choose ingredients carefully in order to keep the total amount of carbohydrates in a meal considerably lower, and that is what we are doing here today. I have gathered a list of no carb snacks (or very low carb snacks) that may spark your creative juices. Feel free to make new combinations or substitutions, as these are just a starting point in your journey. It’s time to get started with the first one…


Meat and veggie tacos with cheese shells

Here is a tasty taco recipe that uses crispy cheddar cheese taco shells instead of “flour tortillas” making this a very low carb taco variation. Here is a video made by Karen from Food Jazz that will show you how to make it in a few minutes:

I like that she makes her own taco seasoning mix, which avoids all the chemicals that you often find in the commercial ones. I would also use organic, grass fed ground beef and grass fed cheese where possible.


Egg Salad Lettuce Cups

Here is a quick egg recipe that uses lettuce as an edible container. It only needs 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, but you can omit that if you want and replace it with a little bit of extra unsweetened natural yogurt. Here is the short video tutorial made by Amazon Kitchen Shorts that will show you how to make one of your own:

If you like eggs, here are a few additional ideas you can try:

  • Hard boiled egg slices with sprinklings of sliced almonds, garlic salt and crushed chili flakes
  • Hard boiled eggs (no yolk) filled with tuna salad
  • Sliced hard boiled eggs topped with organic bacon bits


Bacon, beef, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese rolls

Here is a recipe that sounds a little unusual, but looks amazing once it comes out of the oven. It’s very straightforward, you just need a few long strips of bacon, put some ground beef, cheese and pepperoni on top of it, and just roll it over. Here is a simple tutorial made by Gail (LoneStarGall100) that shows you the steps involved in the process:

Although it looks great and is very low in carbs I would not consider this recipe healthy as it is very high in saturated fats and she uses highly processed ingredients. It could be made healthier if you used grass fed beef, organic cheese and nitrate free bacon, all from animals raised without hormones and antibiotics.

Here are a few easy meat based snack ideas you can try as well:

  • Bacon wrapped zucchini strips
  • Prosciutto wrapped around raw veggies
  • Sliced Turkey with olive oil and soy sauce
  • Sliced beef jerky with sprinklings of olive oil and garlic
  • Sliced ham wrapped around strips of cheese
  • Organic pork rinds with a sprinkling of garlic salt


Easy Low Carb Burger with Feta Cheese

This is a simple recipe that uses feta cheese to add a bit of extra flavor to a traditional hamburger patty. This could literally be thrown together in minutes. Here is a quick tutorial where Christopher Antes from eHow shows you how to serve it:


Cucumber Roll-ups

If you like wraps and sushi, you will love this combination of cucumber, sliced turkey and swiss cheese. It’s so easy to make! Here is a short tutorial by Amazon Kitchen Shorts that will show you how to make it in less than a minute:

Here are a few vegetarian ideas:

  • Celery filled with hummus or low fat ricotta
  • Sliced cucumbers with salsa and unsweetened greek yogurt
  • Cucumber rounds with smoked salmon and olive oil
  • Cucumber with Guacamole
  • Broccoli with non-fat dressing
  • Tomatoes with yogurt based dressing
  • Cole slaw with a sprinkling of vinegar, sesame oil and low-sodium soy sauce
  • Bell pepper strips with healthy blue cheese dip
  • Radish Slices with olive oil and garlic salt


Protein-Packed Homemade Trail Mix

This is a simple recipe that is highly customizable. You can reduce the amount of carbs even further by removing the raisins and chocolate bits shown in this video made by BrettCap:

Here are a few more low carb mix ideas that you can make at home:

  • Homemade mix of sunflower seeds, roasted almonds and cashews
  • Pistachios mixed with sliced roasted almonds
  • Roasted almonds with cashews, macadamia nuts and dried sliced strawberries


Low Carb Tuna Stuffed Baked Avocados

Avocados are a healthy and delicious way to eat healthy fats, and combining them with tuna is a classic. Here’s a quick tutorial made by Gayle McLeod where you’ll learn how to make this simple and tasty recipe in a few minutes:

Here’s another idea with avocado you may like:

  • Avocado halves filled with Tuna salad and lentils with a sprinkling of lemon juice, soy sauce and crushed chili flakes


Grilled Zucchini with Lemon and Fresh Basil

Zucchinis are healthy, delicious and highly versatile when it comes to cooking low carb recipes. In this quick tutorial made by Rockin Robin, you can learn how to make grilled zucchini in a few minutes:

Here are a few additional zero carbs (or very low carb) snack ideas:

  • Apple slices with unsweetened peanut butter
  • Pear slices with unsweetened almond butter
  • Seaweed snacks (they are sold at convenience stores)
  • Mozzarella Cheese sticks

What’s your favorite one? Do you have any recipes of your own? Share them in the comments section so we can all learn from each other and make this an even bigger list.

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