Healthy Travel Snacks and Other Survival Tips

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Due to circumstances beyond my control I recently had to make three international trips of over 30 hours each all within the space of three weeks. I had not made any food plans for the first journey and the options, both on the ground and in the air, were appalling. I was more prepared for the second trip and felt like a pro by the third one.

You Can Benefit From My Experience

In this post I want to share with you some of the ideas that I came up with during this time in the hope that it will help you to enjoy yummy food and also continue eating healthy while traveling. In this instance most of my travel was by air but these tips are equally useful for any form of transport.

Although most airline meals are atrocious (tasteless, processed and loaded with additives) there are often healthier options at the airport such as salad bars, grills and Japanese food. It is always important, however, to make allowances for tight schedules and delays that may leave you scrambling frantically from one flight to the next with no hope of finding time for something yummy let alone healthy.

Vegie Salad and Book

Don’t Forget Healthy Travel Snacks

This is particularly important when travelling by air as it is nearly impossible to get anything healthy, let alone even remotely palatable on most planes. Some of the best travel foods to include are:

  • Healthy crackers
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Dried fruit
  • Homemade or healthy cookies
  • Fruit (keep in mind that what you don’t eat on the plane you may have to discard at your destination)

You can even make yummy healthy wraps for short trips but I wouldn’t recommend this for longer ones as they are likely to go soggy. You also have to be careful if you are using ingredients that need refrigeration. Nothing is more likely to spoil your holiday than a dose of food poisoning from eating meat or cheese stored at room temperature for too long.

Healthy Flax Crackers

Did I Mention Chocolate?

If you’re anything like me at some point during a long journey you will want something sweet and, if you don’t have something healthy and sweet on hand, you are likely to eat whatever is available. Good quality chocolate is, in my opinion, one of the best healthy travel snacks available.

I remember on one of my recent trips being served up what was supposedly a chocolate brownie. I have never seen such a pathetic excuse for a food product in my life. I doubt that there was a single ‘real food’ ingredient in it. It was merely a concoction of chemicals designed for endless shelf life. Having said that, I know that I would’ve been tempted to eat it had I not had the foresight to pack a block of organic dark chocolate with candied orange peel. YUM!!

Plan Ahead For Your Destination

Your eating and exercise options will be determined by many factors including your mode of transport, destination and type of accommodation. Use the Internet to your advantage when planning your trip. If you’re just going for one or two nights you may want to opt for the luxury of a hotel room where you don’t have to lift a finger. For longer stays you may be better served by staying at an apartment hotel with a mini kitchen that will give you the option of at least healthy breakfasts and snacks as opposed to tempting gluttonous buffets.

You can also check out the location of the closest natural food or health food stores. There may even be a fabulous growers market nearby. That way you can get delicious local fare to nibble on while enjoying a glass wine before dinner.

Healthy Breakfast

Don’t Skip Your Exercise

If you’ve been getting into a regular exercise regime you’ll no doubt be feeling fabulous for it. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Whilst doing your accommodation research, check out all of the resources available at your destination. Many hotels have on-site gyms or pools while others may have great facilities located nearby. For those of you who aren’t into gyms, check out local walking or exercise tracks; or even the local beach or pool.

Learn From the Experiences of Others

You can find out everything you need to know about your destination before you even book your tickets these days. Always make sure you check out some of the customer reviews as these will give you valuable information on the good and the bad of each establishment, plus things that you may not have even considered.

I learned this the hard way a year ago. I was traveling alone and I chose a particular hotel because it has a good sized gym and pool. When I got there, I found them to both be of a high standard, as advertized, but they were located in a really isolated area of the hotel in the basement. I was traveling alone at the time and it just felt way too creepy for me to be able to relax and enjoy myself. I now always check out, not only the facilities, but the location of them.

Pack supplements and Nutrients

I rarely take supplements these days as I get most of my vitamins and nutrients from my daily food and green juice. Sometimes, doing this is not so easy when travelling, so I always make sure that I take along some green superfood capsules, some high-quality fish oil plus some hemp seeds and chia seeds to sprinkle on breakfasts, soups and salads. I am very fussy about supplements as many of the mainstream ones are of dubious quality.

I personally take pharmaceutical grade fish oil from Sherry Brescia’s company Blue Rock Holistics as they are the highest quality I have found for a comparatively reasonable price. You can read a post I wrote about them here. I also take ‘Gabriel Greens Capsules’ whenever I am in a situation where I can’t have my daily homemade green juice. My regular readers know I am a big fan of Jon Gabriel and his unique method of losing weight without dieting. I wrote a post about him here if you’d like to know more. Both of their companies ship internationally from the USA.

You can get Chia seeds and Hemp seeds (not the type that gets you high) from your local health food store, co-op or better grocery stores. Amazon also has good prices on both. You can check out the different brands of Chia seeds or Hemp Seeds

I can’t stress this too much. If traveling by car or train it is simple to take along a water bottle so that you don’t get caught in the trap of buying sugar and additive laden sodas. These days, however, you cannot take liquids onto planes so make sure that you avail yourself of water regularly during the flight. Don’t just wait for the one or two occasions when they bring it around. Get up and stretch regularly and every time you do go to the food station where the attendants will gladly give you water.

I hope these healthy traveling tips help you offset the indulgence that tends to come with vacations, whether for pleasure or due to lack of availability of tasty and nutritious foods. The Festive Season is coming so if you know of anyone who might benefit from these hints, please share them using the social buttons below. Also, if you have any ideas you would like to contribute, please share them in the comments box.




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