How to Choose: Grass Fed Beef vs. Organic Beef

March 13, 2014 | By More


Most of us make an effort to find healthy food for our families, but deciding which items to buy can sometimes be a little confusing. In this short video I talk about my point of view regarding grass fed beef versus organic. I hope you like it:


Text version of the video:

Grass-fed-beef-versus-organic--close-up-3Hi, Lyn Ashby here from

One of my readers recently asked me “Lyn, what is the better choice when I am buying meat?” Is it better to buy organic meat or is it better to buy grass fed?

Now, the obvious answer is: the best solution is to buy both organic and grass fed. However, it’s not always possible. Either for budgetary constraints or just merely availability, and really you have to make your own judgment call.

But my personal opinion is that I look at how the cow lived. If a cow has been raised in a huge barn with a million other cows and had a terrible life and had to stand in its own waste but it was fed organic grain, and therefore it can be certified organic, no, I would chose a cow that has grown up in a pasture the way cows should, outside in the sun and the air eating real grass.

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