Is Maple Syrup Healthy? How to Choose the Right Sweeteners

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When it comes to eating healthy, being informed is the key. There are times when food products may seem relatively similar on the outside, but if you take a look at their labels you will find that there is a huge difference in how healthy some things really are. Today I will answer the question “Is maple syrup healthy?” and I will also talk about the difference between Maple syrup and pancake syrup in this short video:


Text version of the video:

Hi, this is Lyn Ashby here from

Today, I am going to talk about maple syrup because one of my readers asked me “what is the difference between maple syrup and pancake syrup?” There is a huge difference.

Screenshot of video about maple syrup

This is a bottle of maple syrup that my husband bought recently. If you read the label you can see that it is 100% pure organic maple syrup.  In order to make maple syrup they take the sap from the maple tree and when they take it is a clear liquid and it is not very sweet.

Screenshot of video about maple syrupHowever, the only processing that they do to it is that they boil it to evaporate water and you’re left with golden delicious syrup. It has nutrients, it has manganese and zinc which are great. However, it is a sweetener so it is not something you want to eat every day but it is fantastic on pancakes, ice cream and it is great as a sugar substitute in baking. So, it is a great sweetener. It is one of my favorites.

On the other hand, this is a bottle of “Value Pancake Syrup” that we found in the house (I certainly did not buy it) and it is nothing but high fructose corn syrup, more corn syrup, water, artificial caramel color which is not a good coloring and other additives and preservatives.

Screenshot of video about maple syrup

Now, this has zero nutritional value and high fructose corn syrup is actually associated with obesity and some studies have indicated that it may also be associated to type 2 diabetes as well.

So, if you’re looking for maple syrup; just look for 100% pure organic maple syrup. It is absolutely delicious and you will get some nutrients too.

That’s it for me today, bye for now.

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What is your favorite maple syrup brand? What other sweeteners do you like? What do you use instead of maple syrup at home? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments section available at the end of this page and let us know if you have any questions as well.

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