The FAT Lies we Hear: Margarine vs Butter? What is better for our Health?

October 20, 2015 | By More

In this article we will talk about a common question I often hear: what is a healthier choice, butter or margarine? On this page you will find a video of me talking about the matter, as well as a written article below the clip. . When it comes to Margarine vs Butter, the reality is that I don’t use margarine under any circumstances when I cook, and that is why you will not see it in the video shown on this page (I guess that gives you a hint about my point of view, huh?) Let’s talk about some of the differences between these two options.

The Ingredients in Butter

Thumbnail of margarine vs butter imageFirst of all, let’s keep in mind that butter is made from cow’s milk, the milk is churned to get the skim milk away, and it just leaves the solid fats, which are then churned and turned, first from milk fat into cream, and when they continue churning, it makes butter. I know this experience because when I grew up my parents had a cow and mum used to make the butter all the time.

What about Margarine?

Margarine on the other hand, is made from a variety of oils and it goes through a really involved chemical process, and I have no idea what is the origin of the oils. However, in the United States it is very likely to be GMO (Genetically Modified) but I just don’t know for sure (because I know it is better to stay away from margarine.)

A Little Experiment…

In fact, I did an experiment a month or so ago, where I put some margarine out of the refrigerator, and I just left it sitting outside in a warm house and just left it there for several weeks and it didn’t change one bit, whereas butter would go bad in a few days. I have heard about other reports where people put margarine outside and even the bugs don’t touch it. So, I figured “if the bugs don’t touch it, I won’t touch it.” I use butter all the time, because the bottom line is that butter tastes so much better. However, one important thing with butter is to choose brands that are organic. I use “Organic Valley” which I buy at my local Co-op. The most important thing with butter is that you make sure it is organic and that you look for pasture fed, because that way you get all of the extra nutrients along with the fabulous flavor. Do remember though, that butter is a calorie dense food, so even if it is amazing to cook with, always remember to use it with moderation. Learn to make delicious salads in a few minutes over here: Easy and healthy salads I hope you find this article (and the video that comes with it) to be useful. If you do, please share it with your friends and family on Facebook so they can learn about the difference between butter and margarine. . .

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