Simple Ideas to Include High Protein Low Carb Foods in Your Diet

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Getting healthy requires eating better more often, and in a perfect world we would all eat healthy food all the time. It is not a perfect world though, and we are only human so it is important to do the best that we can. If you are like me, you may not succeed overnight but if you work on making as many small choices as possible, healthier ones, it all adds up over time.

One of the popular ways to eat a little bit healthier is to increase the number of high protein low carb foods in your diet. These are foods that give you a lot of benefits but not so many of the negatives such as additives and sugar (and of course processed carbs). 

What Fruits & Vegetables are in Season?

Vegetables-for-high-protein-Low-Carb-Foods---edit-3If you’re looking to increase protein and decrease carbohydrates, you’ll want to buy in season veggies because these have the highest health value. Keeping track of what season you’re in and what veggies grow in your area during that time has its perks as they tend to have more nutrients (plus, they are way less expensive!).

If possible, eating organic versions will make them even better for you. Vegetables have a large amount of carbs but they are the healthy carbs that our bodies need. What many people don’t know is that they also have protein. Beans, lentils, spinach and broccoli are all good sources of protein. Also, sweet potatoes and corn (but make sure your corn isn’t genetically modified).

Balance protein to vegetables

Getting a good ratio of protein to carbs is easiest when you balance out your proteins (meat, fish, beans, eggs, etc.) and vegetables. You should aim for at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and the rest can be vegetables, healthy carbs and oils. Keeping the balance allows you to stay healthy and it definitely allows you to get higher amounts of protein while getting lower amounts of carbs. 

If you’re looking for recipes that will give you some creative ideas, then check out these videos. They have some great ideas though, personally, I would make some modifications. I never use standard spray oil, preferring to wipe the pan with some grass-fed butter or organic canola oil. I also never, ever, ever use mainstream artificial sweeteners. I would replace these with organic coconut sugar or maple syrup and, lastly, instead of honey mustard I would mix some Dijon mustard with a small amount of natural honey. 


Low-Carb Bobybuilding Protein Crepes:


Bodybuilding Meal High Protein Low Carb:

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