Simple Tips on How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel

October 22, 2013 | By More

Typing on a computer is one of those daily repetitive tasks that can lead to the development of carpal tunnel in people of all ages. Unfortunately, this problem can be extremely serious and can continue to get worse over time if the appropriate preventive measures are not taken. Because of the problems associated with this disorder, many people who want to know how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, and this article will share a few tips that may be useful.


Keep the Right Position
Keeping your wrists straight while working is one of the most important things that you should do in order to keep from developing carpal tunnel.

By sitting up straight at your desk and keeping your arms parallel to the floor you’re better able to keep this position and prevent your wrists from being bent at an unnatural angle, which could cause pinching in the nerves. This pinching is what actually causes carpal tunnel.

Additionally, frequent exercises and breaks will also assist you in preventing carpal tunnel injuries. You can see this explanation in more detail in this video:


Yoga for Carpal Tunnel
If you’re experiencing problems with carpal tunnel already, then, the yoga exercises on the next video may help you. The instructor shows the best ways to stretch your wrists to help ease the pain or numbness you may be feeling as a result of overexertion. Of course, it’s recommended that you seek professional assistance from a doctor if you believe you are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome, but if you are simply feeling soreness you should try out these simple stretches to help you loosen up a little:


Take Breaks
One important way to prevent problems related to nerve damage due repetitive office tasks is to take frequent breaks and allow your wrists and fingers some time to relax. This is when it’s going to be best for you to complete the exercises from the previous videos so you can loosen up your body a little more to prepare for continued work. It’s recommended that these breaks occur quite frequently, approximately every 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t underestimate the importance of breaks since carpal tunnel could sneak up on you when you aren’t expecting it.

Use a Splint
If you already have trouble with carpal tunnel or if you’re really looking to prevent it, then you may want to look into getting a wrist brace which holds your wrist in the proper position while you continue to type or go about your normal activities. This way you don’t have to worry as much about overworking yourself or straining your wrist. Of course, it’s still important to take breaks and to continue exercising and stretching throughout your work because strain may still happen.

If you’ve been experiencing trouble with carpal tunnel, then let us know how these techniques work for you or what has worked for you in the past. Make sure you also share these tips with your friends and family via your favorite social media site so they too can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. We have added a few useful social sharing buttons below these lines, give them a try and see what happens. Your friends may thank you later.



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