What is the best oil for cooking? (and when to avoid Olive Oil)

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Choosing the right kind of food is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, and although most of the time we focus on things like vegetables and meat; choosing the right kind of oils to use when preparing them is also very important. In this short video I answer the question What is the best oil for cooking? and I also talk about the different types of oils I use for cooking and in which cases I use each one of them:


Text version of the video:

Hi, Lyn Ashby here from Lifestylemenu.com

Today I am going to talk a little bit about oils. A couple of readers have asked me about the oils I prefer for cooking and for salads. For salads, olive oil is by far my favorite. Some of the others I enjoy are macadamia oil, walnut oil and avocado oil. However, a good quality extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is generally my go to favorite.

I never cook with olive oil however, unless it is a very low heat, because it loses its flavor and it can actually deteriorate due to heat because it is a very delicate oil. So, keep it for the cold things or if you want it for cooked food put some on top of the food after it is cooked.

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For example, if you have got some lovely roasted veggies you may add a bit of a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, some lovely fresh sea salt and cracked pepper on top of it is a beautiful way to go.

For frying, I use canola oil because it has what is called a “high smoke point” which is the point that it can be heated without deteriorating. I always use organic canola oil to make sure that it hasn’t been treated with pesticides and they are not using genetically modified canola.

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It is easy to see the difference in color between both oils. Olive oil is quite dark and it has got a greenish tint whereas the canola oil is a very light oil and it really is very light flavored so it is perfect for cooking.

Screenshot of video about Quote related to olive oilThe other two things that I use if I want to do cooking at high heat like some high heat stir fries is ghee, which is spelled G, H, E, E. It actually is clarified butter and it is also good for high heat cooking and it has got a rich butterfly flavor. The other alternative I use is organic coconut oil. However, coconut oil does leave a light coconut flavor which is great for some dishes but if you don’t want a coconut flavor I would stick with one of the other less flavored oils.

So that’s it for me. I talk to you soon, this is Lyn Ashby from Lifestylemenu.com

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What oil do you prefer? What do you usually use for salads? What do you usually use for high heat cooking? Do you have a preferred brand? Please share your thoughts and ideas with all of us using the comments section at the end of this page.

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