3 Workplace Ergonomics Tips for Productivity and Health

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The modern workplace has evolved to become a perpetually connected environment where the exchange of information and ideas has taken the center stage. The speed of modern Internet connections and the availability of computers paired with intelligent mobile devices challenge us to invent new ways to work together.

Visiting the water cooler at work Workplace Ergonomics Tips

However, there are disadvantages as well. The amount of hours the average employees spend sitting down has increased considerably in the last decades and this is not good for our bodies, especially our waistlines. In the following paragraphs let’s take a look at a few workplace ergonomics ideas that may help you prevent common injuries while making your day more comfortable and enjoyable.


Workplace Ergonomics Tips for Productive Individuals:

Tip 1: Don’t Forget to Move (Get off that chair!)

The silent enemy in the modern workplace is inactivity. Remaining in a stationary position for several hours is not good for our bodies, and it is important that we find ways to stay active in order to prevent chronic injuries such as back pain or neck pain.

An easy way to make this happen is to program an alarm to make sure you get off your chair at least one time every hour (using your watch, your phone or even your computer, there are no excuses!). Even simple things like going to the bathroom, refilling your water bottle or buying a healthy snack can make a big difference in the long run.

Tip 2: Avoid being Excessively Repetitive

Our bodies are designed to the active throughout the day. If you think about it, we haven’t had work desks and chairs for that long and our bodies are not designed to sit down all day hitting a keyboard nonstop with our fingers.

Performing an action that causes stress in the joints over long periods of time can cause chronic injuries, and this is a common problem in modern workplaces. A frequent example of this is the famous Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which causes numbness and pain in the hands due to the compression of the median nerve at the wrist often observed on people who spend several hours a day using a keyboard. The best way to prevent this is to reduce the strain caused by the activity.

In the case of typing, using an ergonomic keyboard, adjusting chair height and using wrist rest pads are good alternative to consider. However, there are a few stretching exercises that can help you prevent these kind of injuries as well. This short video will show you a few of them:


Tip 3: Use Properly Designed Office Furniture

What kind of shoes would you wear  if you had to climb a mountain? Ballet shoes or all-terrain boots? Probably the boots, right? Because they are safer, more comfortable, and they would allow you to accomplish your goal. Well, it is a similar story with office furniture. Having the right chair and desk can be the difference between climbing the mountain and getting back safely or falling off a cliff of chronic back pain.

A good chair is not the only alternative to consider. I spend long hours at my computer so I alternate between my chair, a fitness ball and my stand up desk. Learn about the benefits of having a stand up desk at work: Why I love my stand up desk 

I found a great video with useful advice for choosing the right office chair. I hope you find it useful:


Paying attention to ergonomics at the workplace is something that can prevent injuries, but it may also lead to increased productivity by promoting comfort and well-being at work. Besides having the right furniture, promoting healthy habits like stretching and getting off your desk for a few minutes every hour can make a huge difference.

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